Eldon Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Numerous Drug Charges


A southeast Iowa mayoral candidate, who will be on the ballot in November, faces a litany of drug charges.

71-year-old Michael McClure is running to be the next mayor of Eldon. He has been charged with three counts of controlled substance violations – manufacturing marijuana (Class D felony), 25 counts of failure to affix a drug tax stamp (Class D felony), and three counts of trespass (simple misdemeanor).

Court records say over the course of several months, McClure maintained, cultivated, and otherwise cared for approximately 25 marijuana plants on public hunting grounds and other property in Floris.

McClure was arrested on September 22 and transported to the Davis County Jail. He is currently free after posting bond.

McClure can still appear on the ballot because he is not a convicted felon. In Eldon’s mayoral race, Roger Penrod is also running. The current mayor Jerry Potts decided not to run for reelection.

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