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Senator Dickey Faces Lawsuit Filed by Daughter


State Senator Adrian Dickey has been named in a lawsuit filed by his daughter.

Korynn Dickey, the daughter of Adrian Dickey, alleges the Senator of District 44 bought a vehicle for her in 2020 but then forged her signature to place a lien on the vehicle.

The lawsuit was filed on July 5 in Jefferson County. Dickey’s daughter alleges her father purchased the vehicle for her as a gift with no strings attached and would not have agreed to have the car bought for her if she knew her father had a security interest in the vehicle.

Through his lawyer, Dickey has denied the allegations.

Earlier this year in May, Korynn Dickey’s vehicle was totaled in an accident but her insurance company refuses to pay on the policy because of the lien.

Another defendant in the lawsuit is Jefferson County Treasurer Mark Myers on allegations of civil conspiracy. Myers’s attorney, Jefferson County Attorney Chauncey Moulding, is seeking to have the charges dropped, stating Myers could not have known that the signature was forged.

Judge Lucy Gamon has scheduled a court date to hear the county’s motion for dismissal which will be held on August 28.

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