Sinkhole in Marion County Leaves Officials Puzzled


Local officials are looking for solutions in dealing with a sinkhole that appeared in Marion County.

The sinkhole is located on the 1700 block of 135th Place, a rural gravel road that has been closed since mid-April. The latest measurements show the sinkhole has grown to 35 to 40 feet in diameter and 20 feet deep.

Marion County Public Information Officer Emily Feagins told Radio Iowa borings taken by the State Ag Department will hopefully help them figure out what caused the sinkhole.

“We’re hoping that the borings will give us a little bit more information as to what’s in the holes, you know, how far the borings went down into the ground, at what angles. And then obviously, you know, what those borings are pulling up when they go down into the ground. So what’s underneath the surface that we can’t see.” Marion County Public Information Officer Emily Feagins

The sinkhole is situated near an area where several mines were dug nearly a century ago. It has grabbed the attention of the public but Feagins says people should still exercise extreme caution.

“It’s a major attraction. And, you know, it would almost be considered a tourist attraction at this point in time, but the area’s still not safe. We still don’t know the extent of what’s causing this sinkhole, if it could expand, so our biggest thing is just making sure that people stay away from their for their safety.” Marion County Public Information Officer Emily Feagins

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