Centerville Student Wins Congressional Art Competition


Congressman Zach Nunn announced the winner of the Iowa Third Congressional District Art Competition.

The winning piece was “Banana Phone” (pictured) by Centerville High School Student Noelle Craver. Craver’s art will be displayed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

“Banana Phone” was selected by a panel of three art judges.

Additionally, “Desert Escape” by Wayne High School Student Haagen Arnold was among the top of online vote-getters. Arnold’s piece will be displayed at Nunn’s Ottumwa office in City Hall.

“I am beyond impressed with the sheer level of talent on display in the Iowa Third Congressional District Art Competition. Students showcased diversity of thought, varying perspectives, and a profound creativity with each piece. I want to extend a deep congratulations to our top winner, Noelle, as well as the top three vote getters in the People’s Choice Award—Haagen, Karlie, and Lily. Thank you also to every student who submitted their artwork for the competition. Iowa is a special place, and our amazing students are a big reason why.” Representative Zach Nunn

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