Oskaloosa Teenager Charged After Social Media Threat


A student has been charged with a felony after the Oskaloosa Police Department responded to what was classified as a threat.

Police say Oskaloosa High School was placed in a “soft” lockdown shortly after noon on March 8th after learning of a threat against the school on social media. School staffers also put a soft lockdown at the elementary and middle schools as a precaution.

During the investigation, a 16-year-old male was identified as a suspect. Authorities say he later admitted to posting the threat on social media. The suspect was charged with making arson threats, a Class D felony.

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Debra Lowe
Debra Lowe
1 year ago

So sad that children are traveling the wrong path.
There had to been a trigger that set him off, either at home, school or society (peers)
Troubled children need dealt with immediately.

1 year ago

This young kid has his life ahead of him to have this on his record is gonna make life so difficult for him. I was made fun of as a child… and social media wasn’t a thing back then. I can only imagine what kids go thru anymore. MAYBE IF THIS WOULDVE HAD SOMEONE TO TALK TO THAT HE FELY HE COULD OPEN UP TO THINGS WOULDVE BEEN DIFFERENT. I know from experience that teachers, counselors, any kind of staff tend to not be seen talking to those who are not worth their trouble. There are so many kids who… Read more »