Man who shot wife with crossbow sentenced


OTTUMWA COURIER— A man received a suspended prison sentence after pleading guilty to charges that he shot his wife with a crossbow arrow.

George Edward Dennison, 60, of Ottumwa, had pled guilty to charges of intimidation with a dangerous weapon and going armed with intent. He was sentenced Monday by Judge Greg Milani to two five year prison terms. While the terms run consecutively to each other, both were suspended and Dennison was placed on probation.

In another harassment case earlier this month, Dennison received a two-year suspended prison sentence. Should the prison sentences be imposed they would all run consecutively of each other for a potential total of 12 years.

Dennison was fined $1,025 for the two charges in the case relating to his use of a crossbow on Aug. 17, 2022. He was originally charged with with attempted murder, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, going armed with intent, and domestic abuse assault with intent to inflict serious injury. As part of the agreement, the attempted murder and domestic abuse charges was dismissed with costs assessed to Dennison.

Court documents said Dennison and his wife had been in an argument, and that Dennison fired an arrow at her with a crossbow after she went to sleep. The arrow struck her hand, pinning it to the pillow she was resting on. The victim was treated and released at a local hospital.

Milani followed the plea agreement reached between Dennison and prosecutors.

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