New Evans Principal Announced


Evans Middle School will have a new principal for the next school year, according to the Ottumwa Community School District.

Mike Davis has been named the head principal at the school. Davis will be filling the position vacated by interim Evans Principal Dave Harper, who will be returning to his position as the Executive Director of Operations at Ottumwa Schools.

Davis has served as the Dean of Students for six years and has been head girls’ basketball coach at Keokuk Community Schools for the past 16 years.

One of Davis’ co-workers vouched for the new hire.

“Mike Davis has been nothing but incredible in helping build the transformation for Keokuk High School. The incredible connections and relationships Mr. Davis built with staff and students were integral to that success.” Keokuk High School Principal Adam Magliari.

In a statement, Davis discussed his educational philosophy.

“I’m a leader who believes in building connections with staff, students, and community. I prioritize every child’s success. I lead through collaborative and inclusive practice to be the best.” New Evans Middle School Principal Mike Davis

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