Mahaska County Residents Warned of Scam


The Mahaska County Sheriff’s office is altering residents of a scam involving calls from a person impersonating law enforcement officers.

The sheriff’s office says several citizens living in Oskaloosa and Mahaska County have received phone calls from an individual claiming to be a deputy. During these phone calls and messages left on voicemail, the individual claims to be investigating why the citizen failed to report for Federal Jury Duty. In one instance, a resident engaged in a conversation with the impersonating individual who eventually asked for the resident to send money as a fine for missing jury duty.

The Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office says actual deputy names have been used in these calls. Citizens have been asked to call a number in the voicemails, however, authorities warn the number given is not the number of the sheriff’s office and is not a valid number. The phone calls are a scam.

People receiving these phone calls are encouraged to: ignore any voicemail messages concerning the above, hang up on the caller the moment Federal Jury Duty is mentioned, do not engage in conversation with the caller, do not call the number back, and contact the Mahaska County Sheriff’s Office at (641) 673-0347.

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