Cardinal Pauses Open Enrollment


The Cardinal Community School District has decided to pause open enrolment into the district in light of a new state law that allows open enrollment anytime during the school year.

Superintendent Joel Pedersen says the district will be accepting applications for open enrollment on January 1, 2023, for the 2023-24 school year but because of growing numbers, plans need to be made.

“Cardinal enrollment continues to grow exponentially, and we simply need time to
put a plan in place to allow students to open enroll throughout the school year.”Cardinal Superintendent Joel Pedersen

From 1992 to 2010, Cardinal experienced negative open enrollment numbers and declining overall enrollment. That changed in 2010, and now the district has seen an increase of 54.9% since then — the sixth largest increase in the state, according to the district.

The district anticipates capping some grade levels and programs if demand exceeds district space and resources.

“We will communicate all guidelines and options within the next few months. We encourage families not to hesitate if they are interested in open enrollment opportunities at Cardinal once the open enrollment window opens.”Cardinal Superintendent Joel Pedersen

As more students have enrolled in the district, Cardinal says it has worked diligently to grow its staff and program offerings to meet the needs of both new and current students. Temporarily pausing open enrollment will provide time for the administration and school board to develop a plan for continuing to grow district resources for the growing student population.

“The bottom line is parents want their kids to attend Cardinal, and we are proud of that. Open enrollment is very important to the district and will continue to be a part of our growth into the future.”Cardinal Superintendent Joel Pedersen

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