Iowa’s Largest Sycamore Heavily Damaged by Fire, Officials Searching for Answers


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is asking the public for any information as to the cause of a suspicious fire at Geode State Park in Danville on Sunday, Feb. 18. 

According to Park Ranger Andrew Kuckler, a visitor alerted staff that a tree in the park was burning. While the fire was extinguished, the tree was severely damaged and its survival is uncertain. The cause of the fire is unknown.

The tree has been certified as the largest sycamore in Iowa. While the exact age is unknown, the sycamore is estimated to be around 350 years old, based on circumference and other measurements. 

“We are encouraging anyone who may have information about the fire to contact us,” said Kuckler. Callers can remain anonymous.

Kuckler can be reached at (319) 392-4601.

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