National Weather Service – An area of light snow continues to move across Iowa today. In addition, northwest winds will continue to cause near-blizzard to blizzard conditions across portions of central Iowa and to the north and west.

Any new snowfall will aide in creating poor to whiteout conditions at times, especially in rural areas. Significant drifting remains likely.

The northwest winds have ushered in Arctic cold air with current temperatures already falling below zero across the western half of the state. This Arctic air combined with breezy to strong winds will create dangerous temperatures and wind chills through early next week, with wind chill values as low as 45 below zero possible at times.

Stay tuned to Ottumwa Radio for updates.

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1 month ago

I knew mother nature was being too kind to us this winter 🥶❄️ I knew eventually that we were going to be slammed by snow. But this is ridiculous! The snow will take forever to melt. And when it does it will make a terrible mess again! I so believe in climate change!!!