The City of Ottumwa Updates Public on Ottumwa Street Project


The city of Ottumwa says road crews are making homes more accessible where there is construction.

The work being done on Ottumwa Street by Ottumwa Water Works continues, affecting residents of the area and motorists. To help minimize impact, the contractor has agreed to close shorter sections of the street, so residents will be closer to their homes for access from either side of the closure. There will be times when residents will not have driveway access.

Ottumwa Water Works and the City of Ottumwa ask citizens to be patient during this process. The city says this project presents an unusual combination of challenges for the contractor, including limited right of way, being on one of the steepest hills in Ottumwa, and the street being narrow. If you have questions about this project, Ottumwa Water Works can be reached at 641-684-4606.

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