Bridge View Center Part of Successful VenuWorks Weekend


VenuWorks celebrated a successful weekend in many of their theatres last weekend, two of which were in Ottumwa.

With a total of ten SOLD-OUT events in two days hosted by VenuWorks-managed theatres, VenuWorks continues to fulfill the vision of its Founder and President, Steve Peters.

“When I started this company over two decades ago, I had a vision of bringing first-class venue management and entertainment to previously underserved secondary and tertiary markets. This past weekend was an amazing example of how VenuWorks has made that vision a reality,” said Steve Peters, VenuWorks President. “Our teams in four communities, supported by our home office in Ames, worked tirelessly to successfully host eight SOLD-OUT events in TWO nights!”

The weekend’s HOT HEADLINERS with SOLD-OUT shows included:
 Matt Rife (two performances) – Stephens Auditorium, Ames, IA
 Matt Rife (two performances) – Paramount Theatre, Cedar Rapids, IA
 Matt Mathews – Bridge View Center (Theater) – Ottumwa, IA
 Cody Jinks – Bridge View Center (Expo Hall) – Ottumwa, IA
 Charlie Berens – Ames Center (four performances) – Burnsville, MN

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