Women’s Health Night Slated for Next Week


Mahaska Health announced an event next week that will be focused on the well-being of women.

Women’s Health Night will be on October 18th at the Gateway Church in Oskaloosa. Mahaska Health will host the 2022 Women’s Health Night to raise awareness for breast cancer and general women’s health. The event will start at 5:30 PM and end at 8:00 PM. The evening will offer fellowship, food, and information from a panel of Physicians.

Mahaska Health Physicians will present on topics such as mammography, medical oncology, cancer care and infusion, radiology, primary care, general surgery, urology, and more. In addition, several service lines from Mahaska Health are offering free screenings such as cholesterol and blood sugar checks for all guests.

“Women’s Health Night is an event that brings the women of our community together! What an opportunity to support health, wellness, and preventative care for women and also spend an evening learning from experts.” Dr. Timothy Breon, General Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer

For more information about Women’s Health Night, T-Shirt orders, or registration, visit mahaskahealth.org/womens-health-night.

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