SE Iowa Man Seriously Injured after Pair of Accidents in Appanoose County


The Appanoose County Sheriff’s Office says a man was in a two-car accident, left the scene, and was involved in a rollover accident minutes later.

According to officials, a 911 call was received Thursday at 3:01 PM concerning a hit-and-run accident on Highway 5. The caller said a vehicle continued traveling southbound on the highway after the wreck.

At 3:05 PM, the Appanoose County Law Center received a second call of a single-vehicle rollover accident. 58-year-old Robert Logston of Cincinnati was in critical condition at the scene and life-flighted to Des Moines.

Law enforcement later determined Logston was the driver who departed the scene of the first accident minutes before the rollover crash.

Authorities have not yet filed any charges or citations. Both accidents are still under investigation.

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