Police: Victim’s Face Cut in Knife Attack


Ottumwa police say a man attacked a person with a knife which resulted in lacerations on the victim’s face.

18-year-old Demetrius Wilson has been charged with willful injury (Class D felony), going armed with intent (Class D felony), and two counts of first-degree harassment (aggravated misdemeanor).

According to court records, Wilson violated a no-contact order when he arrived at a residence on West Alta Vista Avenue on May 1st. Wilson was told to leave.

Authorities say Wilson was armed with a knife and engaged in a verbal argument with the protected individual and a member of her family. The altercation turned physical and Wilson cut the family member with the knife. The victim suffered lacerations to his face as a result of the attack.

Wilson is also accused of threatening to kill the protected party, her unborn child, and the family member. The protected party was two months pregnant at the time of the incident.

A warrant for Wilson’s arrest was issued on August 17th and he was taken into custody on the same day.

Wilson is currently in the Wapello County Jail where his bail has been set at $19,500.

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