Second Fairfield Murder Suspect Seeks Move To Juvenile Court


On Friday attorneys for the second suspect in a Fairfield homicide case asked a judge to move the case to Juvenile court.

Attorneys for 16 year old Willard Chaiden Noble Miller, charged in the 2021 killing of Nohema Graber, argued in court that his case should be handled by the Juvenile court system. The defense’s arguments were very close to those of Goodale’s hearing last week, with forensic psychologist Dr. Craig Rypma describing Miller as an intelligent, kind young man, also stating that he showed a capacity for compassion regarding the crime. He said Miller told him that what happened was “awful and should never have occurred.” The defense argues that it would be better to send Miller to the Juvenile system to get treatment while his brain is still developing. The defense alo submitted report cards and letters of reference from family and community members.

The state opposed the effort for the same reasons as with Goodale, and called the same Juvenile Court Officer to testify, Karen Dennler. She stated her belief that Miller should stay in District court, noting that even if he immediately pled guilty, the Juvenile system could only supervise him for 18 months. In addition, Dennler emphasized that there are no treatment programs for people accused of homicide.

Judge Shawn Showers will issue written decisions on the Reverse Waiver Hearings for Miller and Goodale at an as of yet unspecified time.

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