Good Samaritan Nurse Takes Patient for One Last Fishing Trip


When Good Samaritan Hospice Nurse, Sherelyn Hornick found out that her patient’s last wish was to go fishing one more time she immediately went to Good Samaritan’s Activity Department director Sarah Meeker and they made David Steen’s last wish possible. 

Hornick and Meeker, with a camera in tow, asked Steen if he wanted to go fishing and he replied, “Yeah! I want to go fishing!“ 

Capturing every moment that they could along the way, the group departed Good Sam, stopped at the Canteen, grabbed three loose meat hamburgers, and headed for Pioneer Ridge.  On their way to their destination, David mentioned it had been a long time since he had been outside for any length of time. Steen said the fresh air felt good and he was excited. 

When the trio pulled into the Pioneer Ridge parking lot, they passed out the sandwiches and ate their meal at a picnic table before heading to the pond. Steen took a big bite out of his burger and remarked it had been 23 years since he had a canteen.  

After finishing their meal, the group took their fishing poles and headed for the dock. The early afternoon sun shone brightly on the three as they headed down the hill conversing all the way.

The wind blowing through the trees made the water ripple and Steen observed,

”See, how the wind is blowing the water? It is showing us to go with it. Cast with the wind and not against.” David Steen

Then, he gracefully cast his line into the water. The three talked with Steen sharing memories of fishing over the years. The first time he went fishing he was 23 years old and he said there were no such things as fishing poles like the ones the trio used.

“I used a willow branch that I cut off of a tree. I then cut notches in it, attached a string and a hook. It worked just fine.”  David Steen

Over the years, Steen says the Skunk River was one of his favorite fishing spots. When asked what was the biggest catch he made he replied that he caught a 24-pound Channel fish. 

When asked what advice Steen would give others, he didn’t mince words.

“GO. If you want to fish. Go. Do it all now while you can….someday you won’t be able to.” David Steen

The group didn’t catch a single fish but Meekers says the trio did catch a lot of great memories, a lot of great lessons, and a lot of smiles. 

There is one verse in the Bible that Meeker says spoke to her all day. “Today is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad.” 

“I can honestly say that we are all better people for enjoying the outdoors but even better for knowing and spending our day with David Steen.” Good Sam Activity Department Director Sarah Meeker

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