Hearing Held To Move Fairfield Murder Suspect To Juvenile Court


Counsel for the one of the two teens accused of killing a teacher argued in court Thursday that the case should be moved to Juvenile Court.

On Thursday afternoon, 17 year old Jeremy Goodale, accused in the slaying of Fairfield teacher Nohema Graber, and his defence counsel appeared for a reverse waiver hearing for the purpose of transferring his case to the juvenile court system. Alan Cook (representing Goodale) called for testimony from Dr. Brenda Payne, who had conducted several psychological tests and interviews with Goodale. She stated that Goodale was a bright kid with an IQ of 109, but noted problems with impulse control. She stated her belief that he was a good candidate for rehabilitation. She had diagnosed Goodale with ADHD and agreed with the suggestion by the defence that juvenile court was the best place for him to receive the services as quick as possible. Also discussed was scientific data indicating that a person’s brain isn’t fully developed until sometimes as late as 25.

Upon cross examination by the state, Payne conceded that there were no specific programs in the juvenile system for people accused or convicted of homicide. Payne’s testimony on redirect as well as that of the State’s witness, Juvenile Court Officer Karen Denler, showed that in the event of sending Goodale to juvenile court, services couldn’t start until adjudication (either a guilty plea or guilty verdict), which would be months ahead at generous estimates. Additionally, Goodale would be discharged from any programs upon graduating or completing a GED, which would leave a maximum of 18 months of supervision in what Denler said was an already strained system. The state also contended that the District Court system was more than equipped to handle Goodale and provide any needed services.

Judge Shawn Showers will file a written ruling, but did not specify a time frame.

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Kathryn Tygret
Kathryn Tygret
1 year ago

No way guilty, try as an adult