Spring Cemetery Cleaning Begins March 7th


The city of Ottumwa has announced that spring cemetery cleanup will begin on Monday, March 7th.

Crews will begin working at the Ottumwa, Calvary and Ottumwa Jewish cemeteries on Monday, March 7th, removing all floral tributes, decorations and wreaths from gravesites. Families who want to keep any tributes or decorations must remove them from the cemeteries before Monday.

If a gravesite has an arrangement hanging from a shepherd’s crook, the crook may be left in the cemetery but the arrangement should be taken. Cemetery staff will remove all floral tributes and wreathes remaining after March 7th. Spring and summer decorations may be placed in the cemetery beginning April 1st.

The Ottumwa, Calvary and Ottumwa Jewish cemeteries are cleaned twice each year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Anyone with questions about the cemetery cleanup, or the requirements for memorial decorations, can call (641) 683-0687.

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