106: Michael Thomas, FR (4th place)

Semis: lost to Payton Drake (PCM) 6-0

3rd: lost to Bryce Hatten (Winterset) by fall

113: Aden Reeves, SO (1st place)


Semis: beat Dalton Gosselink (Grinnell) 18-3, TF

1st: beat Wyatt Dale (Central Decatur) 20-4, TF

138: Dominick Morris, SO (3rd place)

Semis: lost to Colton Vest (South Tama) by fall

3rd: beat Chase Shirk (PCM) 6-4

2nd: lost to Blake Ryerson (Winterset) 5-2

145: Bryce McKim, SR (4th place)

Semis: lost to Xavier Miller (PCM) 15-0, TF

3rd: lost to Joe Hollinrake (Knoxville) 9-1, MD

160: Kyle Sinnott, SR (2nd place)


Semis: lost to Lucas Roland (PCM) 15-0, TF

3rd: beat Chance Masters (CD) by fall

2nd: beat Chance Rice (Saydel) by fall

182: Ben Mason, JR (4th place)

Semis: lost to Dalton Rosenberg (South Tama) 7-5, SV

3rd: lost to Nathan Blair (Clarke) 11-2, MD

195: Terrin Padilla, SR (3rd place) 

Semis: lost to Louis Long (B-F) 11-1, MD

3rd: beat Kade Warren (Centerville) by fall

2nd: lost to Matthew Landsperger (Knoxville) by fall

220: Brett Martin, JR (4th place)

Semis: lost to Kyle Kucera (South Tama) by fall

3rd: lost to Chase Bellon (Knoxville) by fall