Superior Machine Expands To Ottumwa


An Albia business will soon expand to the City of Bridges after a two year search.

According to a press release from Greater Ottumwa Partners in Progress (GOPIP), Superior Machine of Albia has finalized the purchase of property near the Ottumwa Armory at 150 Fox Sauk Road. The sale, between property broker Tom Lielich of CBRE Realty in Minneapolis/St.Paul, and Superior Machine Inc. President Benjamin Van Loon, was facilitated by GOPIP VP Sharon Stroh, who confirmed the closing on September 28.

Superior provides CNC machining, laser and bending, welding & fabrication, paint & finishing and turnkey assembly to customers throughout Iowa and surrounding states. The expansion comes after a two year search. Sharon Stroh described the beginning of the process.

“ben van loon…first approached me in 2018 looking to expand into the Ottumwa Market, [which] makes him a little bit closer to some of the customers he has in this direction, but we didn’t have the right fight for him at the time. he was able to secure a building that is adjacent to the one he has in Albia. So for a while he had a stop gap there.”

Sharon Stroh, Vice President, GOPIP

Despite that temporary setback, Stroh says Van Loon was still interested in Ottumwa as Superior Machine began to expand in 2021.

“when he started expanding again in 2021, he called and said ‘sharon, i really want to start looking at ottumwa again.’ and so that’s when we started doing some searching for him. This particular building is a little bit larger than he was looking for, but the good news is he can do manufacturing on part of it and use the rest of it for storage and WAREHOUSe for his customers.”

Sharon Stroh, Vice President, GOPIP

The various infrastructure at the new building will need to be set up to manufacturing standards (as opposed to just warehousing standards) before starting any operations. Stroh said that they will likely train people at the Albia facility while the Ottumwa facility is prepared. She estimated that they would be up and going by either the last quarter of 2021 or the first quarter of 2022. Stroh also discussed tentative numbers for new jobs.

“right now they have 80 employees over in albia, they’ll at least be looking to add 20 to begin with here in ottumwa. Then of course, as they grow in manufacturing space they would look at hiring more. I would say their pro forma for the next three years is probably going to be closer to 125ish or more.”

Sharon Stroh, Vice President, GOPIP

Superior Machine Inc. is ready to accept applications for employment in Ottumwa, while training in Albia. Superior prefers in-person applicants, and are seeking machine operators, lathe and mill leads and supervisors. Pay, benefits, time off and bonuses are included. More information available at

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