State Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in Bloomfield Murder Case


The Bloomfield teenager who shot and killed his father in 2015 will have his appeal heard by the state Supreme Court.

The court announced on Tuesday that it would take up the case of Michael Goodwin, Jr. Goodwin was 16 years old on December 11, 2015, when he shot and killed his father in their home after an argument. The younger Goodwin was originally charged with first-degree murder, but in April of 2017, he accepted a plea bargain that reduced the charge to second-degree murder.

Goodwin isn’t appealing his conviction, but rather his sentence, which was for 50 years in prison, with a minimum sentence of 20 years. He claims the sentencing was illegal because he didn’t have an attorney representing him at the hearing, and that as a juvenile at the time of the offense, he shouldn’t have been subject to a mandatory minimum sentence.

Attorneys for the state say Goodwin’s sentencing wasn’t adversarial, and that his sentence should not be set aside. The normal minimum sentence for second-degree murder is 35 years, but that was reduced to 20 on the prosecution’s recommendation because Goodwin was a minor.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case on September 18th.


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