Some of the ways you can help make RAGBRAI a great success


RAGBRAI® is coming to Ottumwa on July 28.  With over 20,000 bike riders expected to move through the community, local residents should be aware of a few tips and precautions to keep in mind.

  • For the safety of your pets and the riders, keep pets and animals confined or leashed.  An animal in the road can cause an accident, and the animal could get hurt.
  • Keep all water and food stands on the right side of the road.  You do not want cyclists to cross oncoming traffic.
  • Cyclists will not stop on a downhill or at the bottom of a hill for refreshments.
  • Should you invite any cyclists on your property, be aware you are liable if anyone gets hurt.
  • Don’t try to hand cyclists anything while they are riding or give “high fives”.  This can cause accidents as riders slow down or swerve to miss others.
  • Don’t spray riders with water.  This could ruin their bike computers or radios, and could also impair their vision when their glasses get wet.
  • Sweep gravel and sand off the road at the end of your driveway and at intersections, as this is a hazard for bikers.
  • Young cyclists may want to follow along, but will only make the ride more dangerous.  Please keep children away from the road and pathway of RAGBRAI.

Motorists should expect a lot of bicycles along the RAGBRAI® route!  Please limit automobile use on the marked bicycle routes.  Drivers should seek alternate routes on Thursday, July 28 and the morning of Friday July 29.  If you must park on the route, please be careful when opening car doors! Give bikers plenty of room when passing them, in case they have to move over to avoid an obstacle in the road.


More information about the upcoming RAGBRAI visit to Ottumwa can be found online at    Be sure to follow Ottumwa RAGBRAI on Facebook and @OttumwaRAGBRAI on Twitter to see all Ottumwa RAGBRAI updates.

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