Senior Meals Resume


Senior citizens in Ottumwa will not have to worry about not have a good meal during the noon hour.

Officials from the Ottumwa Salvation Army and Milestones Area Agency on aging have announced the meal will continue without any interruption.

For those 60 years of age and older will be able to receive their noon meal at the Salvation Army located at 725 West Second Street.  Several weeks ago the Salvation Army announced it was discontinuing the noon meal.

Pam Taylor Director of Milestone Services says “we are glad that meals will continue to be served at the Salvation Army with the meals being prepared from the firms Oskaloosa Kitchen.  The service will resume on June 2nd.

Capt. Ruth Gibbons with the Salvation Army in Ottumwa says we are pleased to work with Milestones on this partnership.  She says it is good to know that our seniors will be able to continue attending the noon meal at the same location.