SE Iowa Man Faces Drug-Related Charges for Third Time in 2021


An Ottumwa man was arrested over the weekend and faces multiple drug-related charges for the third time this year.

According to the Wapello County Sheriff’s Office, 39-year-old Kory Derby was in the passenger seat of a car when it was pulled over by a deputy around 12:45 AM on Sunday at the BP Station in Eddyville. Derby was placed under arrest after it was discovered he had multiple outstanding warrants.

The driver of the vehicle, 26-year-old Rebecca Hagen of Ottumwa, was arrested for driving under suspension and the vehicle was towed away.

Hex, a K-9 unit, altered authorities on the presence of substances in the car after performing an open air sniff.

A warrant was obtained for the vehicle and court records say deputies recovered a backpack that contained 790 grams of a white, crystal-like substance that tested positive for cocaine, two small black boxes that contained 25 grams of a substance that tested positive for methamphetamine, 5 grams of marijuana, prescription pills, and packaging materials.

Derby was charged with the following:

  • Two counts of controlled substance violation (Class B felony)
  • Two counts of failure to affix drug tax stamp (Class D felony)
  • Two counts of possession of controlled substance, third or subsequent offense (Class D felony)

The Sheriff’s Office says Derby has previous drug convictions in 2004, 2006, 2008 (two), 2012, and 2018 (two). Additionally, Derby was arrested earlier this month (February 11th) and in January for drug-related offenses.

Derby was transported to the Wapello County Jail and is currently free after posting bond.

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4 days ago

What about the driver? I’m sure she was aware of what was in the car. What are her charges? These two are screaming for help with substance abuse. They are obviously a menace to the community as I doubt all that was for personal use, and need locked up until they can make decisions that don’t harm others. This guy has way too many offenses to be free in our communities.