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Schools Promote this Year’s Education Goals

By Aaryn Frazier, September 11, 2018

Three of the local elementary schools gave updates and 2018-2019 school year goals at the September School Board meeting.

Each school was asked to sign up for one of three times to present their school improvement plan. Horace Mann Principal, Jody Williams, said the district challenged each school to have a plan with at least two goals that tie into district goals.

“We took our cue from district goals,” said Williams. “Our goals are with student learning and family communication. We will be communicating with each child’s family whether it is a personal email, phone call or any variety of ways.”

The other two schools at Monday’s meeting were Eisenhower and Wilson Elementary. Williams said all the schools, as far as she is aware, are focused on reading and literacy. That was backed by a goal sheet from Eisenhower Elementary’s Principal which said their goal is to increase reading proficiency to 80 percent as measured by the FAST assessments.

While Wilson Elementary focuses on reading and literacy as well, their bigger focus is on the culture side of things. They hope to work on behavior, and understanding what is acceptable in different climates such as home versus school. Jeff Hendred, the principal, said they want to add to behaviors the students have learned, not stripping their behaviors away and replacing them.

There will be more meetings in the end of September and mid-October with the rest of the schools in the district to discuss their plans. Williams said to keep listening and learning about all of the schools’ plans, and she hopes parents and the public find an interest in helping meet these goals for the students of the community.

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