Scary Saturday for BNSF crew


Some scary moments Saturday night for a BNSF train crew. At around 9 P.M., the Ottumwa Fire Department was called to the scene of a pickup truck stuck on the railway tracks near the Ottumwa VFW hall. When they arrived, they found the truck with its hazard lights on, hung up between the two main line tracks. A freight train was stopped about 50 yards away, and no pickup driver was in sight.

The truck was wedged about 150 yards north-west of the McLean street crossing, behind the Bointnott Enterprises building. Heavy machinery had to be called in to remove it from the tracks.

Two members of the trains crew said that they saw the truck on the tracks after rounding the curve on Ottumwa’s west end. They said that they had plenty of time to stop, as they were only going around 10 mph when they spotted the truck.

We have not heard yet from the Ottumwa Police Dept. about possible charges against the owner of the pickup.

Officials from the railroad asked us to share this Grade Crossing Safety Brochure.