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Ottumwa Lowers Threshold for RedSpeed Violations

By Ellis Codjoe, January 03, 2018

(File photo) The Ottumwa City Council approved a recommendation Tuesday night that will likely see more people receive a speeding ticket in the mail.

The council, acting on a recommendation by the Ottumwa Public Safety Advisory Committee, approved lowering the minimum speed in which a ticket will be issued from the RedSpeed Automated Speed Enforcement Vehicle.

The new ticket threshold will be 8 miles per hour above the posted speed limit in school zones, and 10 miles per hour above the speed limit in all other areas.

The ticket threshold had previously been set at 13 miles per hour above the posted speed limit.

The change could into effect immediately, Ottumwa Police Chief Tom McAndrew told the council.

The RedSpeed Automated Speed Enforcement Vehicle is deployed in various locations in Ottumwa. It moves, on average, every three to four days.

The council also approved a delay in the implementation of 12 hours shifts at the Ottumwa Police Department. That action was prompted by a police union vote to delay the implementation.

McAndrew explained to the council that they are having difficulties, especially with staffing levels, in executing the Council’s desire to test a 12 hour shift structure. He, along with City Administrator Andy Morris, rejected accusations that staff was dragging their feet in the change.

The council and McAndrew agreed that the issue would be discussed again before the change will go into effect.

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