Ottumwa Grad Awarded $1,000 Scholarship By Mediacom


A member of the Ottumwa High School Class of 2020 is the recipient of a scholarship provided by Mediacom.

According to a press release, Mediacom has awarded Ottumwa High School senior Hasya Joshi a $1,000 scholarship as part of the company’s World Class Scholarship Program. The program recognizes students with outstanding leadership and academic accomplishments. Mediacom selects 60 graduates annually to be awarded $1,000 to support their post-secondary education.

“as a technology company, mediacom understands how important it is to invest in future leaders like hasya joshi,” said Group vice president, steve purcell. “i’m proud that my company supports talented local students with scholarship support, and we congratulate hasya on his accomplishments.”

2020 marks the 19th year Mediacom has funded World Class Scholarships for students who live in areas served by the cable and broadband company. An average of 1,200 students apply for the scholarship each year. Those who receive the award must attend an accredited two or four year college, university or technical school within the United States. High School administrators will be notified in the fall of 2020 when scholarship applications become available for students in the class of 2021.

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