Ottumwa Begins Yard Waste Pickup


With April upon us, the city of Ottumwa says yard waste will start to be collected.

According to a press release, neighborhoods on the south side of Ottumwa will have their yard waste picked on Tuesday. For the north side, pickup days will be on Thursday. Yard waste must be on the curb by 4:00 AM on pickup day to ensure collection.

Acceptable yard waste includes leafy debris, sticks, and grass clippings. For curb collection, yard waste must be put in compost bags that have the $1.00 tag. Those bags can be found in most grocery stores. Yard waste may also be disposed of for free at the landfill.

Residents are permitted to burn their yard waste if it doesn’t produce excessive smoke. The State Fire Code says that all outdoor fires must be under control and attended to at all times. Additionally, a means to extinguish the fire must be readily available.

If the smoke proves to be too excessive and a complaint is filed, the Ottumwa Fire Department may investigate, put out the fire, and issue a citation to the offender.

Yard waste will be collected curbside from April 1st to November 30th. Yard waste is not permitted to go in the garbage container.

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