OPD: Pair Locked Homeowner Out, Attempted to Hide on Roof


Ottumwa police say a pair locked a homeowner out of his house Monday night and were found in possession of several stolen items while attempting to hide on the roof.

Tonya Daugherty and Kevin Ross, both 38, have each been charged with second-degree burglary (Class C felony) and fourth-degree criminal mischief (serious misdemeanor).

Additionally, Daugherty faces charges of possession of controlled substance – first offense (serious misdemeanor) and possession of drug paraphernalia (simple misdemeanor).

Ross was also charged with possession of controlled substance – third or subsequent offense, a Class D felony.

At approximately 10:27 PM, court records say Daugherty and Ross were called in as to being inside a house on West 2nd Street. The pair blocked all entryways, locking a man out of his own home. The damage to the home was estimated to be $700.

Police say the pair was located hiding on the roof of the residence. Daugherty and Ross allegedly had stolen items from the victim in their possession.

After officers instructed the two to leave the roof, Daugherty was discovered sitting on a syringe that tested positive for methamphetamine. Court documents also allege meth was found after she was searched.

Police say Ross was sitting on a red cap with two glass shards that tested positive for methamphetamine while on the roof.

Both Daugherty and Ross were transported to the Wapello County Jail. Their bond has been set at $10,000 each.

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