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November Elections will See Second Runner

By Aaryn Frazier, July 13, 2018

County Attorney, Gary Oldenburger, will have an opponent for this November’s election.

The county’s Republican party nominated Reuben Neff for the position to run against Oldenburger in the fall. Neff said he is incredibly excited about being nominated.

“I decided to run because I am tired of seeing criminal cases and the County Attorney’s Office mismanaged and neglected,” said Neff. “Every office I worked for prior to now was led by an attorney deeply committed to the office’s mission. I cannot say the same of the Wapello County Attorney’s Office.”

He also said he will commit himself to serving Wapello County and looks forward to imposing standard operating procedures. Being concerned with limited resources, plea deals and case management Neff wants to work consistently with authorities and lead by example.

Current County Attorney, Gary Oldenburger, doesn’t agree with the nomination. Neff is currently under employment with Oldenburger, but he made one comment to Ottumwa Radio.

“He has spent most of his career as a public defender in Florida, and has only been in Iowa barely over a year,” Oldenburger said.

Regardless, Neff believes he is the best choice for the job, and says it is all thanks to his wife.

“Without her (Neff’s wife) is my greatest motivator and supporter. Without her, I would not be where I am today. She supported me when I took on death penalty cases and argued before the Florida Supreme Court, despite my nervousness,” Neff said. “She supported me when we decided to move away from Florida to Iowa to be near her family, even though she feared coming back to the winters. She is my better half and is fully behind my decision to run for County Attorney.”

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