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No Injuries in Afternoon Accident

By Ellis Codjoe, August 07, 2017

Nobody was injured in a car accident at the intersection of Maple Street and Elm Court Monday afternoon.

Crews were called to the scene of a two vehicle accident at around 4:00 PM Monday.

Ottumwa Police Sergeant Blake Leffler says a red SUV was traveling northbound on Elm Court when it went to turn left onto Maple Street.

The SUV pulled into the path of another vehicle, according to Leffler.

Leffler says the driver of the SUV was an unlicensed juvenile, who will be cited for driving without a drivers license and failure to yield.

The accident occurred at an uncontrolled intersection, or an intersection that does not feature stop signs or stop lights.

The Iowa Department of Transportation says that when approaching an uncontrolled intersection, drivers should yield to vehicles already in the intersection or preparing to enter the intersection. At a ‘T’ intersection without stop signs, as was the case in this car accident, drivers should yield to vehicles on the through road, they have the right of way.

No injuries were reported.

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