Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Releases Statement after Shooting Hoax


Mount Pleasant Police Chief Lyle Murray spoke out after a 911 call reporting a shooting at Mount Pleasant High School turned out to be a hoax.

Law enforcement from the Mount Pleasant Police Department, Henry County Sheriff’s Office, and the Iowa State Patrol responded to the call Wednesday afternoon and cleared the high school. After determining the 911 call was a prank call, authorities were able to trace the call’s origin and a male juvenile was located and transported to a Juvenile Detention Facility.

Murray complimented law enforcement and the Henry County Dispatchers, who eventually identified the offender’s phone. He also lauded the students and staff at the high school.

“The Mt. Pleasant High School administration did an amazing job and did the right thingĀ  in that situation with the information they had by going into immediate lockdown…All of the staff at the school did a great job securing their area and keeping the students calm. And the students did exactly what they were supposed to do. They were calm, respectful, and helpful with the information needed by officers.”

Murray said that even though it was a harrowing situation, some good came out of it.

“I think all organizations are using it as a scary learning opportunity. We hope we never have a real situation arise, but we all want to be prepared if it does. All parties involved did a wonderful job and I think it shows how great our community is when dealing with a stressful situation.”

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