Mid-Term Election Summary


Of a total of 23,112 Registered Voters in WapelloCounty, some 11,036 voted in yesterday’s Mid-Term Election, for a voter turnout of 47.75%, according to figures from the Wapello County Auditor’s Office.

In the more closely-watched races, Democratic Challenger Steve Siegel defeated Republican Senator Mark Chelgren in the race for State Senator, in Wapello County, 4,610 votes to Chelgren’s 4, 447. However, District 41, made up of more than just WapelloCounty, tallied up a victory for Chelgren. The incumbent took an unofficial total of 10,104 votes to Siegel’s 9,832……a 272 vote victory for Chelgren.

Wapello County Auditor Kelly Spurgeon said although it is not an impossibility, she doubts if there will be a request for a re-count. Spurgeon said that usually recounts are requested for smaller margins in elections.

In WapelloCounty, Joni Ernst defeated Democrat Incumbent Bruce Braley for U. S. Senator from Iowa, filling the gap left by retiring Senator Tom Harkin. Ernst was declared the winner Statewide as well.

And, Dave Loebsack, the incumbent Democrat, beat back a 3rd challenge from Dr. Marianette Miller-Meeks for U.S. Representative from District 2. In WapelloCounty, Loebsack defeated Miller-Meeks with 5,456 votes to Miller Meeks’ 5,353 votes.

These are “unofficial” totals, to be canvassed at a future Wapello County Board of Supervisors’ Meeting.