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Local University Set to Close

By Aaryn Frazier, November 06, 2018

Iowa Wesleyan University, known as one of the oldest colleges west of the Mississippi River, may be closing before the end of the school year.

Like many liberal arts colleges and universities throughout the country, funds are slim.

“At this moment, the university does not have the required financial underpinnings to bridge the gap between strong enrollment and new programming, and the money needed to keep the institution open,” said Steven Titus, Iowa Wesleyan University president.

According to the letter from Titus to students and staff of the school, there were “anticipated gifts” that were not received by the school in order to manage the budget effectively. The school is looking for additional help, funding and partnerships within the next two weeks before the official decision is made, and students like Shelby Bride are looking for help as well.

“We only have a short amount of time to raise the funds needed,” Bride said. “We need 2.1 Million to continue our Spring 2019 semester as well as an additional 5 Million for the 2019/2020 school year.”

On November 15 the Board of Trustees will vote on the fate of the college’s future.

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