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Little Caesar’s Coming to Ottumwa

By Ellis Codjoe, April 13, 2018

Ottumwa is getting a Little Caesar’s.

That much is true. Ottumwa Radio News reached out to multiple individuals for more details but received no concrete answers as to how or why the pizza chain has made its way to the City of Bridges.

Little Caesar’s is also hiring. Rich Kennedy from IOWAworks appeared on KBIZ’s Mid Morning Magazine on Friday to explain that the popular pizza chain is hiring from the top on down. Kennedy said, “They are looking for the store manager…They need the assistant manager. They need a crew leader. They need crew members. And they need a shaker boarder, do you know what that is?” (author’s note: it’s the person who holds a sign outside, sometimes twirling it around and doing creative things with it)

The new Little Caesar’s will be located in Quincy Plaza. They will be hosting a hiring session on April 16 during which job seekers can fill out applications and be interviewed. The session will run from 10 a.m. to noon.

Little Caesar’s is scheduled to open on May 1.

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