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Justice for Albia Bake Shoppe

By Aaryn Frazier, October 10, 2018

UPDATE: The man arrested in connection to this burglary has been identified as 26-year-old John Joseph Dicks. He has been charged with 3rd degree Burglary (Class D felony), 2nd degree Theft (Class D felony) and 3rd degree Criminal Mischief (Aggravated Misdemeanor).

Dicks is currently in the Monroe County Jail on a $12,000 bond.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Department arrested the man responsible for a break in and burglary of Inspire U Bake Shoppe & Specialty Catering on Wednesday, October 10.

Shop owner, Sue Clark, informed Ottumwa Radio News that the police arrested the man, and he confessed to his crimes.

“It was after the robbery, obviously. The cops didn’t know yet, but they had stopped him because he was acting suspicious apparently,” Clark explained. “They asked to look in his backpack and he let them look and take pictures.”

Those pictures were shown to Clark after the Chief of Police, Jay Andrews, realized he may have had her things. The arrested man is a known homeless individual who has been seen around the area for awhile.

“I asked one of my girls — they had a photo of him –,” said Clark. “And she said she remembered him from that week or the week before. Came in, looked around and left. Easily recognizable; if you saw him you would think he doesn’t belong in a bake shop.”

Once he was apprehended, the homeless man confessed on tape, and Clark says he should be put away for a while.

“My head is just spinning like crazy but at least it’s the good crazy,” laughed Clark. “Most important thing, this guy is locked up now. And the outpouring of  love from customers and people all over the community is amazing.”

While Clark didn’t get the cash back, her electronics were returned to her and she is pressing charges. Input, help and ideas to better protect herself and her shop have come in from everywhere and she is thankful for the police’s assistance and persistence in helping her.



Albia Store Burglarized Overnight

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