It’s OK the CRINGE


It’s OK the CRINGE

Some things are deemed cringe-worthy, meaning we can cringe at the sight of them. Some things are not deemed cringe-worthy, such as new-born baby photos. As alien-looking and skin-shriveled as some are, apparently society will look down on you to find them icky.

Just because someone cringes doesn’t mean they hate what they cringe at, or that they find what they cringe at to have no value. But as of late, there is a movement, nigh, a RESISTENCE to cringe at the actions of others. As if we’re not allowed to feel even the slightest unpleasantness when we sight something or someone that we instantly cringe it.

In my opinion it doesn’t automatically mean you are a bad person if you cringe at something or someone. Especially if that something or someone is off to you. Maybe you’re not familiar with it, or maybe you are and it is something that makes the core of your character feel uncomfortable. Sometimes we do things that are knowingly cringy, and just hope we aren’t caught. For example, doing ‘the floss’ with a towel right out of the shower. Great in private, but as soon as your landlady peers through the window with a disgusted look, you know they are cringing. Hard. And you would easily feel the same way if the roles were reversed, as she’s probably well past her prime. Imagine it. IMAGINE IT. YOU FEEL THE CRINGE? Good.

What are some moments that make me cringe? Never baby photos. Ever. I think alien-looking babies are all beautiful and I definitely don’t believe you should keep them off of Facebook. Everyone wants to see them, I’m sure. As for things I really do find cringy, the list is massive. As is yours too, probably. Cheek piercings for example. There are people that pierce their cheeks so you can see their tongue. Eww. Also dudes wearing furry costumes. I get it, you’re an animal on the inside and like to do things while wearing the costume. Terrible things. Whatever you do in the privacy of your own home is your business. Doesn’t mean I won’t instantly think about it and go ‘eww’. Just like you all thought of the old lady towel flossing out of the shower. LOOK, YOU DID IT AGAIN!

What I’m saying is, I think we are allowed find mundane, boring things to make us feel disgusted, unpleasant, or downright sick. And that’s OK. What does matter is if you judge others, because in the end, we all do things that others would cringe at. Especially when they catch you picking gold out of your nose you sick, sick person. OH GOD, WHY ARE YOU EATING IT?!





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