Iowa Voter Registration Hits Record High


The Iowa Secretary of State’s Office reports that for the first time in state history, there are 2 million registered voters heading into an election year.

The figure of 2,014,226 is the most ever at the start of December prior to an election year. Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate says a number of factors came into play.

“Iowa is one of the top states in the nation for voter registration and we have made it easier than ever to register to vote,” Secretary Pate said. “We instituted online voter registration, made same-day registration easier, and help survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault register to vote while keeping their address confidential through the Safe at Home program. The new law allowing 17-year-olds to register to vote and our push to get high schools involved is also making a big impact.”

The SoS Office shared the current breakdown of active registered voters in a press release:

  • Democratic: 613,899
  • Republican: 640,180
  • No Party: 743,885
  • Other: 16,262

To see the breakdown of registered voters by congressional district, click here.

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