Iowa Lawmakers Pass Police Reform Bill


With a unanimous vote, the Iowa legislature passed a police reform bill Thursday night in response to George Floyd, a black man who died while in Minneapolis police custody.

The bill bans the police from using chokeholds in almost every situation and the state attorney general would have the authority to investigate police-related deaths. Additionally, once Governor Kim Reynolds signs the bills into law–and she has indicated she will do so–officers with a proven record of misconduct may not be hired in Iowa.

Governor Reynolds released a statement after the bill passed through the Iowa House and Senate.

“In Iowa, we know how to sit down at the table, listen to each other and work together to move forward. Over the past several days, leaders of the Iowa legislature came together with shared goals and a commitment for action,” Reynolds Said.

“These problems didn’t arise overnight and they won’t be fixed in a day. We are just getting started, but our work together shows Iowa is willing to have the tough conversations and to look past our differences to find common ground and a brighter future for all Iowans.”

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