Hoover Waives Right to Trial by Jury


The Davis County woman accused of allowing her boyfriend to repeatedly sexually abuse her daughter has waived her right to a trial by jury.

Kendra Hoover faces seven felony counts of child endangerment, and seven more counts of neglect. Her former boyfriend, Steven Crook Jr., was sentenced in federal court last June to 120 years in prison on four counts of sexual exploitation of a child. Evidence in the case showed Crook took photographs and videos of the sexual abuse, and, in some cases, live-streamed the abuse. Prosecutors say Hoover continued to allow Crook to be around her daughter, even after she saw the video evidence.

Hoover was scheduled for a jury trial on February 11th, but on Tuesday, defense attorney Gary Oldenburger told the court that his client was willing to face bench trial, in which the judge alone makes the decision on innocence or guilt. It’s not clear if Hoover’s trial will still begin next month. A pretrial hearing is scheduled for January 23rd.

Hoover has been free on bond since last March, but as part of her release, she must stay away from any child under the age of 18, including her own.

As a reminder, a criminal charge is only an accusation, and a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.


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