Heckethorn Receives Maximum Sentence


An Ottumwa man will serve up to 52 years in prison for second-degree murder and assault.

Earlier this week, 20-year-old Jacob Heckethorn received the maximum sentence for his role in the July 2018 shooting death of William Shettlesworth. The 50 years for the second-degree murder conviction and two years for the assault conviction are to be served consecutively.

This past November, a jury found Heckethorn guilty of second-degree murder and assault. During the trial, Heckethorn didn’t deny that he shot Shettlesworth but he testified that he did so in self-defense after Shettlesworth attacked him.

Heckethorn has a separate charge of attempted murder for which he is scheduled to stand trial in March. Heckethorn is accused of shooting and wounding another man in August 2018.

The earliest Heckethorn can be released is after he serves at least 70 percent of his sentence which is more than 36 years.

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