Governor: Any Iowan Can Be Tested for COVID-19


During Thursday morning’s press conference, Governor Kim Reynolds announced that any Iowan can be tested for COVID-19.

“Later today, we’ll be opening the criteria so that anyone who thinks they should be tested can be,” Reynolds said. “This is especially important as more Iowans return to work, so if you’re interested in being tested, please go to and take the assessment, so this change will be effective by the end of the day.”

Earlier this week, Wapello County Emergency Management Coordinator Tim Richmond said the Test Iowa site at The Beach Ottumwa will stay open through Friday, May 29th.

At present, Reynolds says the Test Iowa program has enough kits to test 200,000 people. Testing was previously reserved for those that showed symptoms of COVID-19 and “essential” employees such as health care professionals and meat packing plant workers.

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