Gaskill Outlines Her Focus for 2020 Legislative Session


The 2020 session for the Iowa Legislature opened on Monday, and state representative Mary Gaskill says the Legislature needs to focus on the needs of Iowa communities.

“Instead of partisan gridlock and doing what’s best for the special interests, the 2020 session must be focused on improving the lives of everyday Iowans,” Gaskill said. “Over the last year, I’ve been listening to Iowans to learn what’s important to them. I encourage anyone with questions or ideas for legislation to contact me at the State Capitol in Des Moines.”

Gaskill outlined what she intends to focus on during this session:

–Bringing better jobs to the community through increased job training and affordable childcare

–Improving healthcare by lowing the cost of prescription drugs and increasing access to mental health care

–Making Iowa schools #1 in the nation again and expanding early childhood education

–Revitalizing small towns and rural areas by investing in small businesses and increasing access to affordable housing for families

“We’ve got a lot of work ahead, but I know we can find common sense solutions and work to have a successful legislative session,” Gaskill said. She wants her constituents to contact her through email at, or by phone at 515-281-3221.


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