Fire Chief discusses budget, fireworks, smoke detectors


Ottumwa Fire Chief Tony Miller commented today on a report from the State Fire Marshall’s Office that noted fatal house fires for the first 6 weeks of this year in Iowa are DOUBLE what they were last year. Miller, the guest on Thursday’s KBIZ Dialogue Program said that fighting fires in the dead of winter presents a serious challenge to equipment and staff.


Miller said that Ottumwa Residents can take advantage of some preventative measures, to at least warn them of a structure fire in their homes before its too late; namely, the installation of smoke alarms, free of charge, through the Ottumwa Fire Department. Residents may simply call the Fire Department for service.


On another issue, the Fire Chief said that legalizing fireworks in the State of Iowa is not something he can support, and would NOT favor allowing fireworks in Ottumwa.


The Iowa Legislature once again is toying with the idea of making fireworks legal in Iowa, with a provision that would allow cities and counties to “opt-in” to the program.

And, Miller noted that the Ottumwa Fire Department’s budget needs for the next fiscal year has been presented to the Ottumwa City Council, and is about the same as the current year, with a few exceptions for mandated equipment for the Department.


The next budget takes effect July 1st of this year.

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