Fate of Pickwick School and Walsh Building


The Pickwick School Building in Ottumwa is set for demolition in the future, perhaps next Spring, while the fate of the Old Walsh Building on McCarroll Drive is less certain.

Superintendent of the Ottumwa Community School District, Davis Eidahl said today that it is highly likely that the old Pickwick School Building will become a 9-Acre parcel of “Green Space” in the near future, to be considered for sale to private enterprises, or perhaps as a park in Ottumwa. Pickwick, Eidahl said, would be much too expensive to renovate or remodel, and has outlived its usefulness as a school building.

The old Walsh Building on McCarroll Drive is also likely for demolition, although no decision has yet been made by the Ottumwa School Board. That property, Eidahl said, could eventually be used for sports fields such as baseball or soccer. One thing for certain, however, Eidahl added, is that the Walsh site will not be the location of a new Northside Elementary School. Eidahl noted that the site would not be feasible because direct access to the property is not possible without major road re-construction in that area.

Eidahl also said that, as far as the Wildwood School Building is concerned, The School Board would be open to selling the site to private enterprise, but there would be stipulations as to what the property might be used for in the future. Again, no formal decision on the future of the Wildwood School Building has been made.