Examining the security of the voting system in Wapello County


The League of Women Voters of Ottumwa has invited the Wapello County Auditor meet with the public and League members to discuss the integrity of the voting process in our County. This informal learning experience will be held on Monday June 16th at the Market on Main, 331 E. Main Street, beginning at 5:30PM and ending at 7PM . Please use the “green doors” off the Green Street Parking lot. Voters can participate in part or all of this experience.

League has asked Kelly Spurgeon, County Auditor, to speak to the reoccurring rumors of deceased persons “still voting”, of undocumented persons voting, and of voting ballots that sometimes “magically multiply”. The Auditor and League members are hoping citizens will take this opportunity to ask about voter ID, about the coding on the back of your driver’s license or about the “paper trail” for ballots cast.

While every vote cast must be known only to the voter, the process itself must be transparent, predictable and secure if citizens are to believe their vote matters in our democracy.