Dakota Access Pipeline Vandalized in Wapello County

By Ellis Codjoe, May 03, 2017

Pipeline Vandalized

  • No Oil Leaked
  • Dakota Access Pipeline began pumping in March
  • Blowtorch used to vandalize pipeline near Hedrick

In the latest in a string of incidents, Wapello County sheriff’s deputies say that the Dakota access pipeline has been vandalized in Wapello County.

The damage was reported at around 4 o’clock Tuesday evening near Hedrick. Deputies responded to a pipeline monitoring station on 165th street about one or two miles east of Agency/Hedrick Road.

Deputies say a vandal or Vandals cut through a chain link fence and attempted to damage the pipeline.

The Vandal reportedly used a blowtorch to attempt to cut through the thick sides of the line.

The attempt failed as the vandals were only able to leave burn marks on the pipeline and failed to cause any real damage.

Law enforcement couldn’t comment on any leads at this time however they say the incident could be related to other incidents that have been reported since construction began on the pipeline.

The damage is similar in description to incidents reported in March in Mahaska County, Sioux County and in South Dakota. The FBI Joined the investigation after similar damage was found in multiple states.

No oil leaked from the pipeline and deputies say that the public was never in any danger.

Dakota Access increased security near the area and deputies are patrolling near the site more often.

The Dakota Access Pipeline carries crude oil from North Dakota to a refinery in Illinois. The pipeline began pumping oil in late March.

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